Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a little gym…

This little gym was hidden and a little bit dark. But this little gym had a very big secret. It was going to bust its big heart out and become the little gym that was!

This is the story of Bua so far…


Bua Opened Its Doors

  • Bua first launched in 2012, then known as CrossFit Swords.
  • Its original home was a 1000sqft building in Airside Retail Park. With just 4 barbells, 8 kettlebells and a pull up bar, equipment was sparse.
  • But what it lacked in equipment was made up for with endless passion and amazing people!


  • By the summer of 2013, progress was evident
  • Bare concrete floors were rubber-covered and squat racks and barbells were added
  • Rowing machines and home-made medicine balls brought a little variety
  • It was looking less like a warehouse and more like a functioning gym
Time To Move

  • 2 years old and the little gym was busting at the seams. It was time to find a new home for its fantastic community.
  • A giant leap forward, into the great unknown during Christmas 2014 – the gym moved to a new 6000sqft building and, in an instant, became Dublin’s largest CrossFit gym.


  • With space to grow, the community doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled in size
  • CrossFit Swords was becoming a wellspring of personal growth
  • Every day, hundreds of people showed up and to make personal progress
  • The coaches travelled the world to train with the best in their field.
Striving For The Best

  • The coaches travelled the world to train with the best in their field.
  • The community was growing, the coaching team was growing, the mission was becoming clearer.
  • CrossFit Swords was striving to be among the best CrossFit gyms in the world.

Bua Is Born

  • It was time to leave the big old shed behind and find a new home – with insulation, fresh paint and the tools of a world-class training facility
  • The mission took a big step forward and with the new building came a new name
  • Bua, the Irish word for victory, represents the personal daily victories that are won out on the gym floor

Global Sport Comes To Ireland

  • CrossFit Bua’s annual competition, Filthy 150, was announced as an officially sanctioned CrossFit event, making it part of the Crossfit Games season.
  • The very best athletes in the world descended upon Punchestown to compete for a place at the 2020 CrossFit Games.

The World Stopped

  • The pandemic led to Crossfit Bua closing its doors for much of 2020, moving training online
  • The crisis highlighted the importance of community and in the most uncertain of times, people rallied and stuck together
  • While leaning on the core values and a relentless focus on the mission got everyone through it TOGETHER

A New Chapter

  • The summer of 2021 saw the beginning of a new chapter for Bua. As the Covid-19 pandemic ended and the world re-emerged, Bua opened its second location in Naas, Co Kildare.
  • One month later, Bua acquired a 10-year CrossFit affiliate and Bua Celbridge was born. The expansion from a single gym to a multi-location family of gyms opens up all kinds of exciting new opportunities.

Expansion & Celebration

  • The summer of 2022 saw the expansion continue with Bua opening a fourth location in Dunleer, Co Louth
  • Later that year, Bua opened Bua Smithfield in the heart of Dublin City bringing the total number of gyms to five
  • 2022 also saw a return of Filthy 150, a huge celebration of community, competition and team work. This event included a very special guest, 5-Time-Fittest-Man-On Earth Mat Fraser

Stay tuned… the story’s not finished yet!