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What our members say

Environment is everything.
Become part of something.

With a single membership, members have access to all Bua training locations.

The nature of the classes change each day, so you can make exercise and training a part of your daily routine, not a box you need to tick 3-days per week.

For us, working out is fun and we get to do it every day.


Full Access Monthly Membership Monday To Sunday

The what

We train hungry, humble people in small groups, with the goal of becoming the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves imaginable.

The how

We train in small groups, led by expert coaches who want to see you progress and succeed. Our daily workout is a challenge designed to move you forward, one day at a time. It's also designed to ensure you are looking forward to getting to the gym every day. We believe your health and fitness is not just a 3-days-per-week thing. At Bua, it's part of our daily routine.

The why

We love to help people. Seeing people grow and evolve into the next version of themselves is what fires us up. People achieving greater levels of performance build bullet-proof self-belief alongside it.


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