The Bua Internship

Applications Open Until
Friday 17th November.

A comprehensive 6-month internship geared towards individuals who want to explore a career as a professional coach. It will include deep learning about the technical aspects of movement coaching, group management and developing performance. It will also look deeply into the human side of coaching, covering areas such as relationship-building, developing a culture and leading a team.

This program is designed and delivered by the Head of Training at Bua, Jamie Lawlor. Jamie has been a full-time professional coach for over 23 years, and central to his role at Bua has been the personal and professional development of the coaching team. Jamie has also worked extensively with coaches outside of Bua helping them reach their potential.

Each month

2-Day Seminar
with Bua Head of Training Jamie Lawlor:

✓ deep learning and practice
✓ understanding movement and performance development
✓ communication skills
✓ developing coaching relationships
✓ group flow

Monthly Focus:
✓ each month will have a narrow focus on a few specific areas of coaching
✓ build towards a monthly target

Monthly Call
✓ mid-month catch up with Head of Training
✓ a chance to ask questions and reset focus

Each Week

Coaching Practice:
✓ practice session planning
✓ practice communication skills
✓ live delivery of coaching in classes

Daily Mentorship
with Coach Mentor

✓ support with session planning
✓ deliver your coaching alongside your mentor
✓ constant feedback and learning

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