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Accountability for #1

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Blog

Accountability for #1

How do you provide yourself with accountability?

In a break from our regular podcast post, this week we bring you an opinion piece from Jamie Lawlor on how he keeps himself accountable despite not having someone standing over him wagging a finger.

Jamie is the proud owner of CrossFit Bua and pens the blog JamieCoachingJamie. He writes from a very honest place as a business owner who juggles business with fitness, coaching, injury, dogs and life!

In his blog this week he discusses his hate of the authoritarian school system and the lack of accountability there, and how he now wrangles accountability into his life while being top of the food chain and master of his own decisions.

Jamies blogs are generally short, sweet, to the point and thought provoking. If you want to read more head over to instagram and follow him for updates and save his blog as a bookmark


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