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by | Nov 24, 2021 | Blog


What does health mean to you?

In the Hemingway novel “The Sun Also Rises”, one of the main characters asks another “how did you go bankrupt?”, to which he famously replied “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly”.

This week Jamie delves into the concept that health can be fleeting. One minute everything is fine and the next minute you’re in at the deep end, both arms flailing.

Health is all fine until its not, so it needs constant little inputs.

We can’t obsess about it either.

Carrying around anxiety about it is counter-productive.

So it requires us to be constantly vigilant and yet carry it lightly.

Making good decisions for ourselves like exercising daily, eating nutritious food and getting quality sleep is not always as straightforward as we make it sound.

Check out Jamies piece here on his personal battle with health and how he’s figuring out the obstacles as he goes

Jamies Blog: https://jamiecoachingjamie.wordpress.com

Jamie on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lawlorwithano/

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