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Mental Math In CrossFit: More Than Just Counting Reps

by | Nov 2, 2023 | BuaCast

Mental Math In CrossFit: More Than Just Counting Reps

While many visualise CrossFit as a purely physical endeavour, the realm of mental math cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re calculating percentages for a lifting set, tallying reps during an AMRAP, or managing time in a tight EMOM, your mental agility becomes as crucial as your physical prowess.

Consider this: you’re in the middle of a heavy workout. It’s an AMRAP, and you’re switching between exercises. Every second spent calculating reps or weights becomes a second not spent working out.

Amy, one of our coaches at Bua Celbridge and a talented CrossFitter in her own right, muses that “I’ve had instances where I’ve miscalculated my weights and ended up lifting heavier than planned – a happy accident, but one that could have been avoided with sharper mental math.”


Enhancing mental agility


  • Practice: Just as you’d train your muscles, train your brain. Start with simple math exercises and progress from there


  • Use apps: There are numerous apps designed to challenge your brain with math-based games


  • Engage in class: Instead of waiting for the coach to spell out weights and reps, try to figure them out first. It becomes a mini-challenge within the workout


By making mental math an integral part of your CrossFit training, you’re not just increasing your intellectual prowess, but enhancing your overall performance.

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