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“Gym Near Me?” 🤔 – How To Choose The Right Gym

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Gyms

“Gym Near Me?” 🤔 – How To Choose The Right Gym

Choosing the right gym is quite like sourcing your ideal pair of jeans: it has to be the right fit. Each gym has its own atmosphere, its mantra and way of operating. If you’re about to embark on a brand-new fitness journey, it’s not enough to simply type “best gym near me” into google. First, you need to ask yourself several crucial questions that will help to narrow down your search.

In the following article, we delve into five important queries that need to be answered before you sign on the dotted line.


1. Looking for a “gym near me”? Well, just how important is the location?


When you join a gym you should do so with the attitude that it will become a part of your daily life. It is therefore vital to choose a gym in a location that suits your day-to-day movements.

Is it close to home so you can take advantage of it at weekends? Is it near your workplace, allowing for a morning or lunch-break workout class?

Furthermore, if you are someone who commutes to various locations regularly for work, it can be beneficial to join a gym that has multiple locations and includes full access to all of its gyms as part of its membership.


2. What do I want to achieve from the membership?


Perhaps you’re returning to exercise after a lengthy break. Maybe you’ve never once entered a gym but are looking to improve your fitness levels for health reasons.

Whatever your reasoning for joining a gym, it’s advisable to do your research; pay a visit to each gym under consideration and discuss what you would be set to achieve by becoming a member.

Once you know the why, it won’t take long to find the gym that’s right for you and most importantly, the one that ticks all your boxes.


3. What perks are on offer to members?


As already mentioned, certain gyms with more than one facility can offer all-access memberships, which is certainly a big bonus for members that travel around.

Other perks to watch for when scouting out gyms near you are free trials, discounted memberships for students or seniors, free guest passes and more.


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4. Can I avail myself of group classes?


Going to the gym isn’t all hard work – it can also be a great way to have fun and meet people! Many people looking for their ideal gym are also in search of a sense of community, which can be found in facilities with a focus on group classes and CrossFit training.

There are numerous benefits to this style of working out, from peer encouragement and healthy in-class competition to the meet-ups after training is done for the day. If you are someone who thrives in a group environment, make sure to choose a gym where this is nurtured.


5. Are there coaches or personal trainers on hand?


For many novice athletes who may be joining a gym for the first time, staying the course and building a sense of self-belief can be a big challenge to overcome. For this reason, finding a gym that has a constant supportive presence, either in the form of a class coach or personal trainer, is crucial. Not only will an encouraging voice help boost motivation levels, but you can also be assured that your technique and progress will continuously be monitored by the experts.


So, does Bua tick all these boxes?


With a family of gyms dotted around Leinster, Bua is the gym that provides all of the above:


Is there a Bua gym near me?


There are currently five Bua gyms across Dublin (Santry and Smithfield), Kildare (Naas and Celbridge) and Louth (Dunleer), but we are continuously expanding!


Does a Bua gym offer something for everyone?


We welcome people of all ages and fitness levels with open arms. Seeing someone achieve their fitness goals is what really gets us fired up, whether it’s a novice gym-goer or a long-time athlete.


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What are the perks of being a Bua gym member?


From student discounts to all-access membership across our five gyms, there are many benefits to being a Bua member.


Is there a fun gym community to become a part of?


As a CrossFit gym, Bua is built on a sense of community. Our group classes create a competitive but collaborative environment, which helps members to stay motivated and push themselves to the limit.


Is there a coach or personal trainer to help me stay on course?


Yes, our coaches have the technical expertise to unlock performance through highly-effective workout programming, world-class movement coaching and helpful psychological skills. Their ethos of working hard and striving for better is reflected in the hundreds of 5-star reviews our members have given us.

So all things considered, Bua truly is the gym that can provide everything we’ve spoken of, and more! If you’re ready to improve your performance, health and quality of life one day at a time, get in touch with us today to arrange your free trial.

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