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September Day and Summer Social

by | Sep 9, 2023 | Latest Events

September Day and Summer Social

What: September Day and Summer Social

When: Saturday 9th September

Where: Bua Dunleer, Mullincross, Dunleer, Co. Louth, A92 CD35

After 3 months of training, the day was finally here. The Bua crew arrived and were ready to put on a performance in 20.5 and 1 rep Max Snatch. During these 3 months of training some people got their first pull up, first kipping pull up, first chest to bar, first bar muscle up or first ring muscle up. Some moved from a 3KG wall ball on to a 6KG or 9KG wall ball. Some trained for 3 months with an even heavier wall ball to make these ones feel light! Some improved their efficiency on the rower and got to know their pace and numbers inside out.

What a journey of progress over the last 3 months, we cannot wait to see what is achieved over the next 3!

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