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We Make Our Habits – Then Our Habits Make Us

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Nutrition At Bua

We Make Our Habits – Then Our Habits Make Us

When it comes to habits, we ideally want them to serve a purpose to us. Because what we do every day defines who are and what we are going to achieve!

So, whether it be consistently getting up late and not having breakfast – this small habit will have an impact on your day. Then we consider if this is something that is positively or negatively affecting us. If it’s negative, how can you turn it around so that it’s a positive habit that will help you grow and become the person you want to be?

For example, if sleeping later is something you enjoy then the night before is when you do the hard work, i.e. preparing breakfast and lunch along with clothes anything you need that allows you that extra time in bed. And once this habit is built and incorporated into a daily routine you start transforming yourself and who you are. The same goes for every habit you wish to alter to become a better version of yourself!


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Nutrition fact of the week – what is whey protein?


Whey is acquired through the process of cheesemaking when we combine a coagulant with the acidified milk which then separates into a watery substance (whey) and curds (casein). In simple terms, the watery byproduct which is the whey can be dried and sold as powder which is what we find in whey protein supplements!

Whey is a high-quality protein meaning it contains all the amino acids. It is quickly absorbed due to its high amino acid content – this is why it is a protein recommended to be consumed post-exercise!

In terms of a plant-based protein soy is the most effective protein that has been tested so far! (It’s even suggested it is more effective than casein for protein synthesis).

So, a practical application when it comes to protein consumption is including whey protein in your post-training snack!

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Nutrition tip of the week: 30 plants per week – why and how?


If this is not something you’ve heard before – it is advised across the week to include 30 different plant varieties. Which for some sounds like a lot but if you aim for 5-6 each day, you’ll be well on your way. This includes foods such as fruit and veg, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices – so it doesn’t sound as bad now?

The idea of including this many plants in the diet is to boost the diversity and health of your gut microbiome and thus positively contribute to your health.

So, for next week this could be a challenge to set yourself – eat 30 plants per week. This could start with your shopping, aim to include 3-4 plants in your shop that you don’t usually and if you don’t hit 30 aim to build on it week to week!


Performance & Health


See last week’s blog – 10 Tips For Fat Loss


This week’s simple swaps


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Chia Pudding


Time: 5 minutes + overnight / Nutritional values: 337kcal / 25g protein / 15g fat / 16g carbs

Ingredients: 40g chia seeds / 50g low fat Greek or Skyr yoghurt / 170ml almond milk / 1/2 scoop protein powder / 1 tsp honey or maple syrup / 80g berries


  • Combine ingredients and leave to set overnight
  • Top off with berries
  • Tip: For greater amounts of carbs add more fruit such as bananas or an extra tsp of honey
  • Tip: For great amounts of protein add a full scoop of protein powder or use cows milk
  • Tip: For greater amounts of fat use some nut butter or add chopped nuts


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Shredded Mexican Chicken


Time: 60 minutes / 4 servings / Nutritional values: 186kcal / 36g protein / fat 2g / carbs 6g (*recipe only)

Ingredients: 500g skinless chicken breast / 500g passata / 2tsp garlic / 1 tsp salt / juice of lime


  • Mix together the ingredients except the chicken and pour into a saucepan. Add the chicken (add some water if sauce doesn’t fully cover the chicken)
  • Simmer over a low heat for 45-60 minutes
  • Remove from heat, and remove the chicken and shred. Add the shredded chicken to a heated pan along with 2 tbsp of the sauce. Fry until the chicken is charred but still soft
  • Serve and keep in the fridge for up to 5 days!
  • Tips: Use port instead of chicken and to make it spicier maybe add some chilli flakes/powder.
  • Serve with: rice or wraps, guacamole, sour cream, salsa



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