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Rick Rubin’s Approach To Music: Lessons In Instinct For CrossFit Coaches

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Blog

Rick Rubin’s Approach To Music: Lessons In Instinct For CrossFit Coaches


The genius of Rick Rubin: instinct over technique


When it comes to record production, Rick Rubin’s name stands among the greats. His uncanny ability to produce hit after hit across diverse musical genres is a testament to his unique approach – an approach that, surprisingly, holds valuable lessons for CrossFit coaches.

Rubin’s musical genius lies not in his technical abilities, but in his instinct and taste. He doesn’t play an instrument or sing. Instead, he uses his finely honed instincts and a clear vision of what he likes and dislikes to guide artists towards their best work.

Consider the story of Jay-Z’s hit song, 99 Problems. Rubin suggested that Jay-Z perform the initial section of the song a cappella, with the music kicking in later. He couldn’t demonstrate the idea, he could only describe it. This minor tweak resulted in one of the biggest and most iconic songs of our time.


Guiding athletes effectively with communication and intuitiveness


This story demonstrates Rubin’s ability to make intuitive judgments and communicate effectively, two skills that are paramount for a CrossFit coach. As a coach, your success isn’t defined by your ability to perform the movements but by your ability to teach and inspire others to perform them.

Rubin’s philosophy is rooted in his acute sense of taste. He’s honest about what he likes and doesn’t shy away from telling artists when their work isn’t up to par. As a CrossFit coach, developing a ‘taste’ for good movement, efficient strategy, and effective motivation is crucial. This discernment allows you to guide your athletes towards better performance.

But taste without communication is like a song unheard. Rubin’s success lies not just in his ability to recognise potential, but also in his ability to convey his insights to the artists he works with. The same is true for CrossFit coaches. It’s not enough to know what good movement looks like; you need to communicate this effectively to your athletes, helping them understand and implement your feedback.


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Innovation through tailoring to individual needs


Lastly, Rubin’s approach underscores the importance of innovation. His work across a broad range of genres showcases his ability to think outside the box and bring something new to each project. This type of innovation is crucial in CrossFit coaching. Each athlete is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to yield the best results. Just like Rubin tailors his approach to each artist, a good coach must customise their coaching to each athlete’s needs, abilities, and goals.

Rick Rubin’s approach to music offers valuable insights for CrossFit coaches. His principles of taste, instinct, and innovation serve as a blueprint for effective coaching. So, as you step into the box, channel your inner Rick Rubin. Hone your instincts, develop your taste, and dare to innovate. Your athletes – and their performances – will thank you.

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