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The Ten Most Challenging CrossFit Workouts!

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Blog

The Ten Most Challenging CrossFit Workouts!

Any CrossFit enthusiast who’s experienced some of the most challenging CrossFit workouts will likely have to take a few deep breaths before jumping on the horse for a second (or third, or fourth) time.

Despite CrossFit’s suitability for athletes of all ages and at all fitness levels, it has a reputation for being an incredibly difficult fitness model to keep up with. That said, however, while each CrossFit class is tailored to suit the individual taking part, several workouts have made a name for themselves thanks to their gruelling nature and level of intensity.

To ensure CrossFit enthusiasts do not run screaming from these notorious challenges, we have selected and broken down the 10 most difficult CrossFit workouts, shedding light on their intensity and significance within the community in the hopes that athletes will give them their best shot.

From “Fran” to the “Filthy 50″, let’s dive a little deeper into the rigorous and rewarding world of CrossFit training!


Understanding the most challenging CrossFit workouts


CrossFit’s allure lies in its unrelenting challenges. Workouts combine intense cardio, weightlifting and functional movements, pushing participants to their limits. The difficulty arises from a perfect storm of factors, such as the intensity that tests endurance, complex movements demanding precision, and often, brutal duration.

This fusion of elements creates a scenario where both physical and mental fortitude are forged, making every completed CrossFit session a triumph.



The ten most challenging CrossFit workouts



1. Fran


This notorious CrossFit workout is a daunting test of speed and strength. Comprising thrusters and pull-ups performed in rapid succession, its high-intensity nature and full-body demands make it a formidable challenge – even for the most seasoned athletes.


2. Murph


Described as a “hero workout”, this CrossFit WOD was named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy and has a reputation as being one of the most difficult to complete. It consists of carrying out a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and a further one-mile run in consecutive order.

Although exponentially challenging, modifications can be made to the workout to make it more suited to less experienced CrossFitters or those finding it particularly tough to master.


3. The Seven


The Seven stands as a gruelling trial of endurance and mental resilience. Its seven rounds of seven challenging movements, including burpees, pull-ups, and kettlebell swings, make it a relentless test of both physical and psychological stamina.


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4. King Kong


Emerging as an ultimate display of strength and power, this workout combines heavy deadlifts, cleans, muscle-ups, and more. Its demanding composition and heavy-lifting components establish it as a daunting challenge that separates elite athletes from the rest.


5. Filthy 50


The Filthy 50 presents a brutal obstacle course of fifty intense exercises. From box jumps to wall balls, its diverse and exhaustive nature tests participants’ overall fitness, pushing them through a marathon of exertion and endurance.


6. The Ryan


Not for the fainthearted, this workout embodies a daunting blend of weightlifting and high-intensity cardio. With heavy back squats and synchronised double-unders, its fusion of strength and agility components challenges athletes to balance raw power with precision.


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7. The Kalsu


Kalsu is a true test of mental and physical strength and ability. Combining a high volume of thrusters with frequent burpees, its relentless structure and escalating fatigue levels make completing this trying workout a true journey of endurance and stamina.


8. The Zeus


Mirroring the might of its mythological namesake, this workout is a notable challenge. With an unforgiving combination of heavy deadlifts and strict handstand push-ups, its emphasis on brute strength and advanced bodyweight movements makes it a demanding testament to an athlete’s power and skill.


9. DT


The DT workout involves a combination of deadlifts, hang power cleans, and push jerks performed across multiple rounds. Due to its demanding nature, it requires not only impressive strength but also unfaltering mental focus to be completed successfully.


10. Death by Burpees


This is ideal for those looking for a deceptively simple, yet gruelling challenge. As the rounds progress, participants add one burpee per minute, rapidly accumulating physical fatigue and mental strain, making it a gradual – but severe – test of endurance.


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Experience the most challenging CrossFit workouts at Bua


With five gyms across Leinster, Bua offers a tight-knit and supportive fitness community that encourages athletes to experience and overcome the challenges presented by CrossFit’s most difficult workouts. Enthusiasts of all levels come together, and along with our expert coaches, create an environment where members push their boundaries while celebrating each other’s achievements.

We support our members to elevate their fitness journey to unparalleled heights within our CrossFit classes, by igniting their drive and passion, spurring them to reach their personal goals with our dynamic and supportive community.

Don’t wait to take the next step – contact us today to embark on a transformative fitness experience that will reshape your limits and redefine your achievements!

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