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What Attributes Make The Best CrossFit Coaches?

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Coaches

What Attributes Make The Best CrossFit Coaches?

Ensuring success and growth as a CrossFit athlete undoubtedly requires dedication and motivation, but the quality and experience of the coach also play a big part. With this in mind, we think the best CrossFit coaches can be easily identified.

They have several key attributes that help them deliver effective and safe workouts, and ultimately, help their clients achieve their fitness goals, and in this post, we explore what makes a great CrossFit coach, and how your fitness and mindset can benefit immensely from working with one.


A great CrossFit coach is experienced and certified


When it comes to scouting out the best CrossFit coaches, experience and certification are hugely important attributes.

A top-class coach will have several years of experience working with a variety of clients, from beginners to advanced athletes. They will have seen what works and what doesn’t work and what’s more, they will have learned how to adjust their coaching style to fit the needs of each client.

In addition, bearing certification from a reputable training organisation is also a good indicator that a coach possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to design safe and effective workouts. With around 71 different CrossFit courses (including Level 1 and Level 2 certifications and coach evaluations) on offer in Europe alone, would-be coaches have ample opportunity to hone their skills while learning the fundamentals of CrossFit.


The best CrossFit coaches are passionate and knowledgeable


As a rule, passion and knowledge go hand in hand when it comes to coaching. This certainly rings true in the context of CrossFit.

The best CrossFit coaches are passionate about fitness and more importantly, helping those under their mentorship to reach their ultimate goals. They will also have a deep understanding of CrossFit as a discipline, including the principles of functional movements, exercise physiology and nutrition.

One of the most powerful draws of CrossFit as a movement is the presence of a coach during workouts, offering continuous motivation and inspiration to participants to stay the course. When coaches are passionate and knowledgeable, they inspire and educate those in their classes, which leads to better results and a more enjoyable experience overall.


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A dedicated CrossFit coach will be entirely safety-focused


Safety is a top priority for the best CrossFit coaches. They understand the importance of proper form and technique when performing functional movements, and they prioritise safety over intensity.

The most diligent coaches will take the time to educate their clients on the mechanics of their movements, correcting form where necessary and monitoring individual performance at all times to ensure exercises are being carried out safely.

A safety-focused coach will also understand the need to miss a training session in instances where prioritising rest means avoiding an injury.


A great coach makes a great manager


Being a skilled coach on a one-to-one basis is one thing, but mastering the art of managing a large group class is a whole other ballgame.

A coach that can make every CrossFit athlete feel seen during a class, while also ensuring the entire experience is fluid, seamless and on schedule is one to stick with. Striking this balance takes experience and planning, so if a class feels enjoyable while also challenging, know that this hasn’t happened by accident!


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CrossFit coaches have to be the best in the game, and at Bua, our team prides itself on delivering the ultimate CrossFit experience while supporting members every step of the way.

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