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Effective Training Habits For Busy Professionals

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Training

Effective Training Habits For Busy Professionals

Staying fit and healthy takes dedication and motivation – something that can be difficult to muster when trying to manage multiple aspects of our busy lives. From work and professional demands to family responsibilities and everything in between, maintaining a regular exercise regime may feel like a mammoth task. It begs the question: Do workable and achievable training habits for busy professionals exist?

Thankfully, the answer is yes, so let’s find out how!


Why should busy professionals maintain healthy training habits?


Keeping fit is hugely beneficial to us for many reasons, but its ability to help us perform significantly better in a professional context means it should ideally become a part of your daily schedule.

Participating in regular exercise is one of the most transformative things you can do to improve brain function, with a 30-minute workout said to improve an individual’s focus and attention span for up to two hours.

But with work often taking over and creeping into personal time – not to mention trying to juggle our professional lives with family responsibilities and staying up-to-speed with friends – what training hacks and habits can we utilise to avoid dropping a ball?


First and foremost, make training a part of your schedule


With such a strong argument for maintaining our fitness, you should create regular windows in your working week to fit in a workout, slotting it into your diary as you would do a meeting and making a big effort to show up.


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Integrate exercise into your social life


For most people, the terms “working out” and “going out” are rarely used together. However, it is possible to hit both activities in one if you choose the right fitness model!

CrossFit offers great opportunities to combine exercise and socialising, by presenting high-intensity workouts in an environment built around community and camaraderie. Each member of a CrossFit session is encouraged to motivate and build up others in the class as they share their journey towards improved health and fitness. This forms solid bonds from within, with many CrossFit communities regularly meeting for post-workout drinks and get-togethers.


Aim for fewer screens and more sweat!


It’s so easy to slump on the couch or fall into bed in the evening with the TV, laptop or phone at the ready. But if you add up the amount of time you spend in front of a screen in one week, you’re bound to find a few windows where a workout could be slotted in.

Aim to ditch the screen for a certain number of weekly hours in favour of building up a sweat through exercise, and we promise you’ll feel so much better.


Join a gym


It seems like an obvious one, but don’t underestimate the ability of a gym membership to keep you on track, no matter how busy it gets at the office.

Firstly, most gyms open early to facilitate pre-work classes and workouts, enabling members to get their exercise in before the rush-hour traffic even starts. Secondly, being part of a class environment within a gym promotes accountability, and if you feel a responsibility to show up and take part, you’re more likely to do just that.

Add to this the fact that certain gyms with multiple locations around the country offer all-inclusive access – handy for those that travel a lot for work.


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How Bua can support healthy training habits for busy professionals


With five locations and an ethos steeped in community, Bua CrossFit programmes support realistic and deliverable training habits for busy professionals. Members can expect to find a community of like-minded people who are keen to discover their best level of fitness while developing their mental and psychological strength in the process.

Dust off a day at the office and work towards maintaining your health and fitness by becoming a member of Bua. Get in touch today to learn more!

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